Level up

A love letter to my body:

Sometimes I take you for granted. I work you, don’t give you time to rest, or I don’t eat right and go for a quick bite telling myself there’s no time, and you go along with me anyways. Today I want to say thank you for letting me go places, experience life, express love, waking me up every morning for a new opportunity to live, to laugh, to make mistakes, to learn, and to be myself. Sometimes I’m in my own world thinking, creating, planning and you listen and execute and for that I’m grateful.

It’s a partnership for life.

I want to listen to you when you say

“I’m tired, let’s take a nap, I want to eat right, those toxic thoughts are hurting, please replace them for good thoughts and give me joy, give me peace, give me time to recuperate, give me love.

I want to see you when you want me to tell you “You are a masterpiece. You are exquisite, brilliant and perfect as you are”

I know you need me to say “You are good looking”, and you already know you are but when you hear it from me, it’s special.

Thank you for every moment you’ve given me and everyday to come. There’s so much we can do together and I want to respect you, to listen to you and embrace every space of you.

God made you especially for me and I’m so grateful.

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